Log Wall

posh logs by the logman

Most popular is chestnut and birch white wood.  Our boxes consist of 14 to 18 logs, standard length 4 to 8 inch, but we can cut to your requirements,


We offer chestnut, full rounds or split, and birch full or split.  


Our white wood birch poles come in lengths 3ft

(1 metre)  to 7 ft, with a 3 to 5 inch (7-10 cm) diameter


The birch tops, white and red, are finished to a high standard.  4 to 7 ft long.  These look fantastic in an oversize vase.


Our stacking wood gives you a natural and stylish look to your home.


All our wood is washed clean and air dried to retain a natural look.  However, we are happy to paint or stain to any colour you require.



rounds on truck

How We Work



My family has coppiced woodland in Kent for nearly a hundred years.   We cut the trees  and plant new ones year round, thus encouraging sustainability and protecting and respecting the wildlife and the environment we work in and rely on.


We air dry all our logs for up to 6 months before we wash and cut them and sand the ends to create a beautiful, soft textured, natural look and feel.


Staining can be applied if required

nature direct to you from the forest.

What is coppicing?


Coppicing is an ancient form of woodland management, that involves repetitive felling on the same stump, near to ground level, and allowing the shoots to regrow from that main stump. (Also known as the coppice stool)

Some more of our commercial clients include Harrods of London, shoe shops in the new forest,  Audi Autos shoot, plus the Harry Potter (Warner Bros.) Studios, near NW London.


We also supply London Play Parks with some of their amazing Climbable Play Structures (see pictures below).



red birch log pile

Contact the Log Man on :

07729 352821  or

01233 239370


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